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 Hey! Please read this it's worth it

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PostSubject: Hey! Please read this it's worth it   Fri Jul 31, 2015 9:35 am

Hey, My name is Cameron Gordon and this is a thank you post for quite a lot of things, and I'll be addressing all of you since whether you attempted or not you guys have made quite an impact on my life. Let's start.

For starters my name is not Jacob and I never played football (I actually hate the sport) The picture and the story is my cousin Jacob Gordon. My name is Cameron, and I've essentially been lying to you guys for a while.

I joined Unknown Minecrafters in 2011, I was 12 years old at the time just got the game and I honestly didn't know what to do (Let alone what a server even was) so I joined out of curiosity and ran into RTWire, he was on along with some random players, and introduced me to the whole freebuild classic minecraft aspect. There wasn't a specific reason as to why I stayed or why I liked playing, my family life is pretty much normal and I had friends, but for some reason I really enjoyed playing with people over the internet and being in a small little niche. Later that same day Sypto logged in (Sidenote: Sypto is still the coolest name even today. Sypto I know you'll probably never read this damn dude your name choice is spot on), and at first glance to my little 12 year old eyes he was a very upbeat and mischievous guy whom I instantly looked up to as a role modal. Now I don't recall specifically what transpired but I know that with my 12 year old cunning I managed to skip every rank right up to moderator which was a post i held with all my might up until the servers closing.

I remember we had all the different worlds for the specific ranks and the default free build one was a nut house full of griefers that we banned literally every 5 minutes and the Mods themselves had their own personal worlds. I wanna take this time to address OmniBlast. Omni you and I joined around the same time and I saw you as a sort of rival which was due to my inferiority as a 12 year old. You would easily outsmart me in every small argument but looking back on it now even though i thought I hated you guts in reality I looked up to you a ton, and with you and mind 1 1/2 years ago I took a public speaking class which focused on debates so I could be as smart with my words like how you were. Now I remember personally I put a lot of effort into my world, and whenever I finished a project I would scrap the world and make another. I still remember my half sandbox world with the huge "Have Fun" that Sypto used as the picture for this forum board. (Also: the face you see in the "Have Fun" was called the Sypto face) I remember OmniBlast's world being rediculously well built, and I remember Sypto having a habit of making huge ass bedrock castles.

See we always did the weirdest things we used to make minigames, muck around, and tell jokes that honestly weren't funny but we did them anyways because they were our things. To me the server was a place where you could just forget about your life and get together with some random goons over the internet and play around for 3-4 hours out of your day, and I loved that. I remember when Sypto introduced trusted member, veteran member and then the SMod. I remember the SMods being probably the most dedicated people. Not to the server itself but the community as a whole. Out the the 4 Smods (OmniBlast, RTWire, I_Chopperz_I, and myself) the most dedicated one and the person I wanna apologize profusely to is Chopperz. Chop although you and I were friends there were a lot of times where we didn't see eye to eye. I was ignorant and I just wasn't mature enough or old enough to understand how great of a person you really were to everyone. After the server dissipated and I was banned from yours, joined again, and then left again. I realized how wrong I was. Chop despite me being an asshole to a lot of people (especially you) you made a huge impact on my childhood life. After all was said and done I spent a lot of time trying to be like you (or at least the image that I had of you in my mind). I wanted to be dedicated to something as much as you were and I was finally introduced to it in my Chemistry class during my Sophomore year of high school. My dream now is to become a Chemist focusing on the Science of Alternative Energy (or Green Chemistry) and honestly man every time I think about quitting I think of you, and how even when the server dissipated and Sypto dissapeared you made your own server so we could still play Minecraft together. Recently I visited the TerraCrafters website and I read your post saying that your life hasn't been going so well and you never told us to spare us the trouble, and even through all of that you still kept the server up on your computer even so people could still play. I'm not sure what happened and I don't know how you're doing right now Chop. But whenever you get back on this forum and read this please know that although bad things happened you made a little kid find what he wanted to do with his life. If you would like, my Skype is Mr_Schiff. Please add me if you wanna chat or play some videogames, and that goes for all of you as well.

Too be honest a lot of you guys and left your mark in my brain and in turn I started adopting the morals you left. Chop you made me want to be dedicated to my dreams, Sitharol I always looked up to you and I still remember me repeating one of your jokes in the 6th grade class which made me a very popular kid and a comedcal one at that jocolor, and Sypto you taught me to always be positive and optimistic. Sypto you left a brand in my brain up until my Freshman year of Highschool, you taught me to always turn a down into an up, to take a bad situation and turn it into a funny one. And for some reason after the server closed and I stopped talking to everyone I had a HUGE infatuation with Denmark because of you. I attempted to take Danish as my language for school but sadly I couldn't but I still had a deep love for it (In fact my steam account says I currently live in Bornholm Denmark). I also attempted to try dance because of you, I tried street because that's what you said you danced, and it taught me that I'm the most flexible tool in the shed pale

It's 2015, and I'm now 16 years old, and a Junior in Highschool. You guys have really impacted my life and there's so many other people I wanna talk about that made me the kid I am today like RT, OmniBlast, etc but at that point I might as well be writing a novel. My skype is Mr_Schiff, my Steam is Camin Gordin, and I still play minecraft. Lately it's hard for me to find a server to play on that's like UMC (the only kind I like albino ) so if any of you play on one shoot me a message on here or on my steam/skype. I'm sorry for lying to you guys I just didn't wanna be treated different because of my age, but now that I'm slightly older I feel as though I might as well get it out there. At some point a large part of me wanted to leave this all behind and move on but I can't, I don't wanna forget about you guys. Lately I've been having thoughts about maybe starting my own server a year or so from now when i'm older and have more maturity under my belt, but that's just a thought and for now I'm just looking for a server to belong to. I hope you guys find this message board again someday and read this. I miss hanging with you guys.
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PostSubject: steam/ps4   Mon Oct 08, 2018 8:30 am

lol i doubt you remember me. cool thing we are roughly about the same age. ConnorSkateboard here, i still skate from time to time and I'm a lab technician in the Air Force now... we've all definitely grown up man thats crazy. hit me up on PS4: lilcnr or steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/huffstetler/. I remember spending a whole Summer never going to sleep on that server ... so many hours logged. But nothing compared to my Counter strike or Halo hours, lol peace out guys
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PostSubject: Re: Hey! Please read this it's worth it   Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:11 am

Wow Connor! Blast from the past! Of course I remember you! ????
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PostSubject: Re: Hey! Please read this it's worth it   

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Hey! Please read this it's worth it
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