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 Still browsing this proud piece of history!

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PostSubject: Still browsing this proud piece of history!   Thu Nov 22, 2018 2:41 am

I may have not browsed this place for a couple of years, but hell I miss you folks. Now coming up to 25 years of age, I still have that longing to get back in contact with you all.

Some of you broke contact with me over the years because I did some things that were wrong. I drove friends away. I'm sorry. This served well as a life lesson and it goes to show to not take things or people for granted

I'm still seeing active accounts on occasion here so people are probably doing the same as me!

I've just been thinking; all thanks to the advancement of technology one could actually host a small classic server off of their phone, now imagine that ????

Keep in touch folks, I'm on steam
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Still browsing this proud piece of history!
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